The News
The News
  • Daily Exchange: Dollar Gains Reversed, Sold at 19.15 Pesos

  • Euro remains the same at 21.48 pesos, the yen sold at 0.195 pesos


15 of June 2016 12:53:30

MEXICO CITY — At the mid-day session, Mexico City banks sold the U.S. dollar for up to 19.15 pesos, five centavos less compared to its opening price, and it was acquired at a minimum purchase price of 18.37 pesos.This afternoon, the euro reached a sale price of 21.48 pesos, unchanged from the price reported at the beginning of the day; while the yen was sold at up to 0.195 pesos per unit.On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged, in line with market expectations, amid concerns about the possible departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, and by a slowdown in hiring in the United States.

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