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Friday 24 of May 2024

Daily Exchange: Dollar Continues Descent, Closes at 18.27 Pesos

photo: Reuters
photo: Reuters
The euro is up 6 centavos and the yen holds at 0.180 pesos

MEXICO CITY — At the close of today’s trading in Mexico City banks, the United States’ dollar was sold at a maximum price of 18.27 pesos, four centavos less than yesterday, and bought at a minimum of 17.46 pesos.

The euro rose six centavos against the peso, since the end of the previous session, to bids up to 20.83 pesos, while the yen sold at a maximum price of 0.18 pesos.

The exchange rate to settle liabilities in foreign currency in Mexico stood at 17.95 pesos, Mexico’s Central Bank (Banxico) reported.