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Thursday 09, July 2020
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Consumer Confidence Decreases in Monthly Comparison

Consumer confidence in February recorded its lowest point in the past seven months, falling 1.2 percent in its monthly charting, the lowest rank range since the decrease of 1.98 units registered in July 2015
By The News · 07 of March 2016 21:27:00
AUTONOMÍA DEL INEGI NO ESTÁ EN RIESGO: SOJO, 51206069. México. 6 Dic 2015. (Notimex-Jorge Torres).- La autonomía constitucional del Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) no está en riesgo de perderse, pero debe fortalecerse, consideró Eduardo Sojo Garza Aldape, quien este 31 de diciembre concluye su segundo periodo como presidente del organismo.NOTIMEX/FOTO/JORGE TORRES/JTC/EBF, No available

Consumer confidence in February recorded its lowest point in the past seven months, falling 1.2 percent in its monthly charting, the lowest rank range since the decrease of 1.98 units registered in July 2015, said the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI).

With that, it observed a negative opinion of Mexican households on the current and future performance of the economy, which led to a decrease of 1.5 units in its annual dynamics.

According to the Consumer Confidence Indicator (ICC), from January to February, the range with the worst perception regarding the current economic situation of the last 12 months with a decrease by 3.3 units.

Citizens also expressed disappointment about the possibility of buying furniture, televisions, washing machines and other appliances, with a detriment of 2.2 integers.

Also they were concerned about the economic future of their homes, a range that lost 1.3 points, hope that the coming months will see an improvement in Mexico’s finances fell a point.

With smaller decline but also in the red, was the perspective on improving personal finances compared to last year, which fell by 0.5 units.

Taking into account the views of consumers compared to Feb. 2015, percentages denote downward changes in the categories of the present and future situation of the country and the development of household finances.

Meanwhile, the only variables that showed an improvement in this survey were the statements that the family economy is healthier than last cycle, risen by 1.1 units, as well as current possibilities for Mexicans to make purchases of furniture, televisions, washing machines and other electronic appliances, which rose by just 0.3 units.