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Canada's Trudeau tells EU: The World Needs You

For Canada, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the EU is important to reduce its reliance on the neighboring United States as an export market

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives to address the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, February 16, 2017, photo: Reuters/Vincent Kessler
By Reuters Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Share
9 months ago

STRASBOURG – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the European Union on Thursday as an unprecedented model for peaceful cooperation, in a speech to EU lawmakers that contrasted sharply with the critical stance of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Speaking to the European Parliament a day after it backed a comprehensive free trade deal between Canada and the EU known as CETA, Trudeau said the 28-nation bloc had a crucial global role to play.

By contrast, Trump has questioned the value and future of the EU and has applauded Britain’s shock decision to leave it.

“You are a vital player in addressing the challenges that we collectively face as an international community … Indeed the whole world benefits from a strong EU,” Trudeau told delighted EU lawmakers in his speech, delivered in English and French.

Canada and the EU share a belief in democracy, transparency and the rule of law, human rights, inclusion and diversity, said Trudeau, who is also due to visit Germany on his European tour.

“We know that, in these times, we must choose to lead the international economy, not simply be subject to its whims,” he added.


With the passage of their trade deal, Canada and the EU offer a counter to Trump, who has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and wants to rework the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Trump told Trudeau in talks in Washington on Monday that the United States would only be “tweaking” its trade ties with Canada.

For Canada, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU is important to reduce its reliance on the neighboring United States as an export market.

For the EU, it is a first trade pact with a G7 country and a timely success after Britain’s vote to leave the bloc last year harmed its credibility. Brexit supporters want to focus more on reviving trade with former British colonies, including Canada.

“We are in a globalized world and how we make sure that we are turning that into opportunities for small businesses and our citizens is the challenge of our time,” said Trudeau.

Trump got elected partly by those who felt opportunities were slipping away, fearing for themselves and their children, Trudeau said, anxieties shared by people in Canada and Europe.

“Hopefully this spring the vast majority of the provisions of CETA are going to start impacting small business, workers, consumers. People will immediately begin to see the tangible benefits that come from trade deals such as this one.”

Both Canada and the EU have to ensure that CETA, set to come into force in months, worked.

“If we are successful, CETA will become the blueprint for all ambitious, future trade deals. If we are not, this could very well be the last. So make no mistake, this is an important moment for us.”


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