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Your Weekend in Sports

Lionel Messi faces Luis Suárez in World Cup Russia 2018 qualifying match 4 months ago
50 Updates since March 23, 2016
5 months ago
5 months ago

Ex-Panamanian President Says H ...

The argument focused on whether Panama's extradition treaty with the U.S. could be applied to former president Ricardo Martineli's charges i ...
5 months ago
5 months ago

Pakistan's Prime Minister Resi ...

The court said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had not been "truthful and honest," and it also dismissed him from the National Assembly
6 months ago
6 months ago

Russia Probe Boosts Bill to Cr ...

The original bill was introduced after the so-called Panama Papers were released last year
6 months ago
6 months ago

Panama Switches Diplomatic Rec ...

In Taiwan, officials including President Tsai Ing-wen denounced the move as a betrayal
7 months ago
7 months ago

Ex-Panamanian Dictator Manuel ...

Noriega died on May 29
9 months ago
9 months ago

U.S. Enrolls Volunteers in Lar ...

All the volunteers will be tracked for nearly two years to see if the vaccine really protects against Zika infection
9 months ago
9 months ago

Costa Rica Detains Somali with ...

U.S. authorities "confirmed that the person is allegedly linked to international terrorist organizations and sought his immediate detention ...
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10 months ago

Daughters: Panama ex-Dictator ...

The tumor was detected in the months after Noriega returned to Panama in December 2011
11 months ago

Iceland Gets New Govt, Could R ...

The center-right Independence Party, which won the largest share of seats, formed a coalition with the smaller Reform and Bright Future part ...
1 year ago

Hurricane Otto Weakens as it M ...

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Otto had weakened into a Category 1 storm and was expected to emerge off of Central America's Pacifi ...
1 year ago

Cold Water Tactics

At the game against Panama, hot water was cut to the Mexican national team
1 year ago

'Chicharito' Hernández Says th ...

The Bayer Leverkusen player knows that Mexico must do everything right to overcome their rivals
1 year ago

Official: Panama Asks U.S. to ...

Martinelli has denied any wrongdoing
1 year ago

Big Oil Tankers' Need for Retr ...

Once more ships are retrofitted and crude prices change, tanker traffic could pick up
1 year ago

Colombian Official Says Some 1 ...

Migrants stuck after Central and South American nations close borders
1 year ago

Panama Canal Opens $5B locks, ...

The opening ceremony was attended by thousands of people
1 year ago

Panama Canal to Open Amid Ship ...

The drop in world oil prices, the slowdown in China and other factors are affecting traffic and income at the canal
2 years ago

Report: Law Firm Employee Deta ...

The revelations could foment new speculation about the source of the so-called "Panama Papers" leak
2 years ago

Messi Grabs Three as Argentina ...

Argentina are into the quarter-finals after Messi stole the show
2 years ago

Test Runs Start for Panama Can ...

The bulk cargo carrier Baroque was the first boat to enter the newly expanded Panama Canal
2 years ago

New Challenges for Boat Captai ...

The canal became fully operational May 31 after running more than 1,000 virtual trials involving 300 possible scenarios
2 years ago

Panama Canal's New, Expanded L ...

The new locks will allow larger ships to pass through the canal
2 years ago

Panama Papers Law Firm Threate ...

The firm says that in addition to being obtained illegally, the data is full of errors
2 years ago

Panama Closes Border with Colo ...

The growth of Cuban migrants passing from Colombia to Panama has led to the closing of some of its border crossings
2 years ago

Colombia Arrests Panamanian Mo ...

Nidal Waked is accused of laundering drug money using offshore businesses
2 years ago

Panama Raids Property of Mossa ...

Investigators left a storehouse with bags full of shredded papers and stated more details would be given in due course
2 years ago

Panama Takes Reservations for ...

Gas shipping between Asia and the United States is one of the new businesses that canal authorities are targeting with the expansion
2 years ago

World Bank Head Warns of Weak ...

Tax evasion and the use of offshore havens can have a tremendously negative effect on the mission to end poverty
2 years ago

Here's What the U.S. Governmen ...

Feed the poor, build new roads, send every kid to preschool — that stolen $124 billion would buy a lot
2 years ago

Panama not Planning to Retalia ...

France announced it would put Pnama back on its blacklist of uncooperative tax jurisdictions
2 years ago

Why Few Americans in Panama Pa ...

Panama is listed by the EU as a country that is not cooperative on tax issues
2 years ago

Argentine Prosecutors to Inves ...

The Argentine president's past role in two offshore companies was revealed in the Panama Papers leak
2 years ago

EU Threatens to Sanction Tax H ...

President Juan Carlos Varela said the committee's findings will be shared with other nations
2 years ago

Xi Seen as Easily Surviving Re ...

Behind the party's habitual secrecy and reflexive desire to control, lies the recognition that corruption remains a volatile issue
2 years ago

FIFA Ethics Judge Damiani Resi ...

Damiani was under investigation by FIFA ethics prosecutors after being identified in a vast leak of data from a Panama law firm
2 years ago

Politicians, Celebs Deny Abuse ...

Iceland's prime minister became the first casualty of the Panama Papers affair
2 years ago

Infantino "Dismayed" After Nam ...

FIFA president Infantino has denied any wrongdoings with contracts appearing in the Panama papers leaks
2 years ago

Icelandic PM Resigns Amid Offs ...

The impact in Iceland from the leaks has been the most dramatic
2 years ago

Iceland President Rejects PM's ...

Embattled Prime Minister Sigmunder David Gunlaugsson is facing growing calls for him to step down
2 years ago

Panama Rejects Money-Launder L ...

Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela has promised to cooperate with any judicial investigations stemming from the leaked data
2 years ago

China Blasts Reports on Hidden ...

The family lives and personal finances of Chinese leaders are taboo subjects for Chinese media
2 years ago

Brazil Opposition Politicians ...

Politicians from several parties were found to be involved in offshore companies
2 years ago

Ukrainian President Poroshenko ...

The right-wing president, who came to power following unrest in 2013, faces accusations of using fiscal havens to avoid paying taxes in Ukra ...
2 years ago

'Panama Papers' Train New Spot ...

The financial scandal only hints at the kind of tax evasion that robs governments across the world
2 years ago

Leaks about offshore accounts ...

The US Treasury in 2014 described the bank as being 'designated for providing material support to government officials'
2 years ago

Trove of Data on Offshore Acco ...

The newspaper and its partners verified the authenticity of the data by comparing it to public registers
2 years ago

Offshore Accounts Used to Hide ...

Banking secrecy laws tend to obscure offshore financial dealings
2 years ago

California U.S. Coast Guard Cr ...

Traffickers have increasingly been using the semi-submersible boats to move large amounts of cocaine because their low waterline profile mak ...
2 years ago

Panama to Inaugurate Expanded ...

As part of the expansion project, wider locks with mechanical gates will reduce congestion and be able accommodate post-Panamex vessels