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  • Megacable Sues Chivas TV

  • Yamuni said that Chivas TV came under pressure from broadcast giant Televisa

Logos for Televisa, Telefónica and Megacable appear in a screen at an event announcing a future partnership between the companies at that time in Mexico City, Mexico, May 27, 2010. photo: Cuartoscuro/Moisés Pablo, photo: Cuartoscuro/Moisés Pablo

15 of June 2017 15:46:14

The General Director of  Megacable Enrique Yamuni said that the company has taken legal action against Chivas TV for damaging their image.In an interview with a Mexican news agency, Yamuni said that Megacable had purchased 50,000 transmission codes from Chivas TV for the rights to broadcast the final game of the 2017 closing tournament of the Mexican Soccer League in which Las Chivas of Guadalajara played against Los Tigres of Monterrey.Yamuni said that Chivas TV came under pressure from broadcast giant Televisa, which led them to cancel the transmission codes they had previously sold.Chivas TV refunded Megacable's money, however the company feels aggrieved."A lawsuit has been filed, because it's not fair that they're affecting our company's image and prestige, because they're making choices on a whim," said Yamuni.

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