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  • A Fourth of Minors Under 15 Living without Parents

  • The absence of both parents impacts not only financial stability, but also education

, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

22 of June 2017 13:21:05

TOLUCA – The Census of Population and Housing estimates that about a fourth of minors under 15 don’t live with their parents. The census also determined that in most male-headed households children live with both parents, while in female-headed ones they usually live with a single mother.Such was the data highlighted by Carlos Javier Echarri Cánovas, professor at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM). He also stressed the impact that a lack of parenthood can have on a minor’s financial stability, as well as on his/her education and emotional life.The statements were part of Echarri Cánovas' lecture “Household Configuration and Its Links to Migration and Teenage Pregnancy in the State of Mexico.” In it, he emphasized that this absence is mostly caused by either both parents migrating and leaving their children behind, usually with their grandparents, or by the children being deported back to Mexico.Echarri Cánovas recognized that there’s still research to be done, though he also urged for the implementation of policies that would determine the fate of children being cared for by non-parental adults.

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