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Mono Reopens with Audiovisual Sculpture by Quarso

After being closed for a period for renovations, the exclusive Versalles-street club has reopened with an enhanced interactive audio-visual experience

"Cirrus" by Carlos García Noriega and Quarso, photo: The News/Martha Pskowski
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1 year ago

After being closed for renovations during part of the summer, Mono club in the Juárez neighborhood has reopened with the addition of a multimedia sculpture created by a collaboration between sculptor Carlos García Noriega and Mexico City-art studio Quarso. Despite already maintaining a level of exclusivity rivaled by few in the city, Mono hopes to create a more dynamic space by exploring audio-visual innovations.

The sculpture is titled “Cirrus” after cirrus clouds, and is influenced by the crystals formed in them. It consists of a three-dimensional geometrical shape with many flat black triangular faces, onto which abstract videos are projected from behind. Using video mapping technology and specialized software to create a musically interactive art object, the sculpture enhances the experience at one of Mexico City’s most innovative clubs by emphasizing the real-time, place-based aspects of dance music and reinforcing a feeling of exclusivity among club-goers.

“Different musical elements alter the sculpture’s visual elements,” said Quarso art director Mariano Montaño at a press conference Thursday. “There’s also a controller so that the person operating it can modify the projections in real time. The idea is that different visual artists will be able to work with it.”


Quarso’s sculpture at Mono. Photo: The News/Martha Pskowski

Mono was founded in 2013 through a collaboration between Mexico City entertainment companies Archipiélago and Grupo Sicario. With Mono, the companies sought to create a new kind of nightlife in Mexico City in which music is the most important factor to enjoy the night.

Quarso’s sculpture at Mono, which is similar to a sculpture they previously created for the presidential suite at Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, pushes Mono’s innovative nature to another level by allowing DJs to create an audiovisual experience with an exciting light show accompanying their music.

“We hope that this piece helps Mono develop into a more dynamic club,” said Montaño. “Mono can turn into another space for our art, for the other artists here in Mexico and for international artists.”

Mono is located at Calle Versalles 64 in the Juárez neighborhood of Mexico City

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