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  • Daily Exchange: Dollar Reaches Historic Peak

  • The dollar rose to 19.46 pesos around midday at Mexico City currency markets, before closing at 19.38 pesos

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 13SEPTIEMBRE2016.- Por segundo día consecutivo el billete verde, dólar, supero los 19 pesos en bancos de la ciudad. FOTO: GALO CAÑAS /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Calo Cañas

13 of September 2016 14:24:42

The dollar closed at 19.38 pesos in Mexico City banks Tuesday, after reaching a historic peak of 19.46 pesos around midday. The previous historic peak was 19.45 pesos in February 2016. The 19.38-peso closing price represents a four-centavo increase from Monday. The dollar was purchased for 18.55 pesos.The euro dropped 34 centavos to close at 21.67 pesos, while the pound and yen closed at 25.48 and 0.204 pesos, respectively.Mexico's Central Bank (Banxico) set the official exchange rate at 19.1520 pesos.

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