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The News
  • Fans Use Lovecraft's Fame to Promote Providence's Weird Side

  • The council wants to present Providence as a capital for weird and fun events


15 of March 2016 09:25:22

Fans of H.P. Lovecraft's writings are trying to use the growing fame of the early 20th century fantasy-horror writer to promote Providence's weird side.[caption id="attachment_6196" align="alignleft" width="283"]Lovecraft_tombstone Lovecraft's tombstone reads "I am Providence". Photo: Wikipedia.[/caption]Lovecraft so identified with Rhode Island's capital city that he wrote "I am Providence" in a letter. His headstone bears the phrase. Some of Lovecraft's best-known works are set in Providence.Tuesday March 15 marks the 79th anniversary of his death. A marker will be unveiled near the spot where Lovecraft's childhood house once stood.[caption id="attachment_6197" align="alignright" width="243"]lovecraft H.P. Lovecraft was one of the most imaginative horror writers of the last century. Photo: Wikipedia.[/caption]The nonprofit Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council is placing the marker as part of a broader effort to foster the weird fiction and art community in Providence and highlight Lovecraft and other writers and artists.The council wants to present Providence as a capital for weird, fun and imaginative events.

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