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The News
  • Border Patrol Seizes $3M Destined for Mexico

  • The Border Patrol found more than $3M packed in boxes in a car trunk

, photo: Reuters/Mike Blake

28 of August 2016 10:50:37

ESCONDIDO, California -- The Border Patrol says it has arrested two men they believe tried to smuggle $3 million in cash into Mexico from California.The agency says its agents tracked and stopped a Kia Forte in Escondido on Tuesday and found nearly $34,000 stashed in the car's center console.Authorities say another car sped off as the first vehicle was stopped but it was later found abandoned nearby. That car, a Volkswagen Passat, had more than $3 million packed in boxes in the trunk.The driver was found hiding in some brush.Both men — one a U.S. citizen and the other from Mexico — were arrested on suspicion of currency smuggling.

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