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Armed Groups Still Present in Michoacán

Leaders from the Templar Knights have assumed control of armed civilian groups, says Hipólito Mora
By The News · 24 of February 2016 16:37:12
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The News

The governor of the state, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, and the founder of the area’s self-defense groups, Hipólito Mora, came together to declare that there are still armed civil groups in existence in some regions of the state.

Hipólito Mora, who on February 24 of 2013 initiated the civil armed movement to confront the criminals who operated in the area, in defense of heritage, family, dignity and life, said today that there are still many armed citizens, but that unfortunately very few are good. “The majority are delinquents that belong to the Templar Knights, and precisely for that reason they don’t want to give up their arms.”

The lemon farmer turned uprising leader explained, that this confusion has benefited delinquency. “The ones in charge of these groups are the ones who have the money and form part of the Templar Knights. The good people stay quiet out of fear.”

To conclude the Flag Day commemorative event, Silvano Aureoles Conejo said that there is at least six or seven people that head civil armed groups that are at the margin of the law. He mentioned that they know perfectly about the practices they use, “on one side they commit crimes, they manipulate people to try to avoid the institutional operatives of security corporations.”

The governor of the state affirmed that they identified the heads of these criminal cells, among them Luis Antonio Torres, a.k.a. Simón el Americano. “We know perfectly who is managing these groups, and about the person that was mentioned (a.k.a. El Americano), said the head of state, there isn’t just lines of investigation, they have the arrest warrant and the authority to carry it out.”

Aureoles Conejo promised that the operations will continue, that the deployment of federal and state forces will not be detained from apprehending all the armed civilians acting at the margin of the law. He said that they will not be allowed to keep making mistakes.