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  • UK's Boris Johnson reprimanded for failing to report income

, Boris Johnson MP stands to speak in the House of Commons at the start of a five-day debate on the Brexit European Union Withdrawal Agreement, Tuesday Dec. 4, 2018. The British government received a historic rebuke from lawmakers on Tuesday over its Brexit plans, an inauspicious sign for Prime Minister Theresa May as she opened an epic debate in Parliament that will decide the fate of her Brexit divorce deal with the European Union. (Parliament TV/PA via AP)

06 of December 2018 10:31:25

LONDON (AP) — Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been reprimanded for failing to report income within time limits set by Parliament.

A parliamentary committee for standards said Thursday that Johnson has acknowledged his mistake and taken steps to prevent it from recurring.

Johnson was found to have failed to make timely income reports on nine recent occasions. The amount involved totaled more than 52,700 pounds ($67,000).

Johnson resigned from his Cabinet position to protest Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan. He remains in Parliament and is bound by its reporting rules.

He was found to have failed to report outside income within 28 days as required. Most of the income came from royalties for books Johnson has authored and for his work as a journalist.

The investigation began in October.

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