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Tusk: United Kingdom Leaving European Union Could Change Europe Forever

The EU will respect the decision of the British people
By The News · 24 of February 2016 10:54:05
UE RINDE HOMENAJE A VÍCTIMAS DE ATENTADOS DE PARÍS, 51117050. Bruselas, 17 Nov. 2015 (Notimex-European Parliament 2015).- Líderes de la Unión Europea se reunieron hoy en la sede del Parlamento Europeo (PE), en Bruselas, para realizar un homenaje a las víctimas de los atentados terroristas del pasado viernes, en París.NOTIMEX/FOTO/EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT 2015/COR/POL/, No available

Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, said that he possible exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union would change the European continent “forever and for the worst” and defended the concessions offered by other EU countries to avoid that scenario.

“The EU will respect the decision of the British people regarding the referendum of June 23. If the majority votes to leave the union, so be it. But that will change Europe forever and for the worst,” said Tusk in a debate with the European Parliament.

Tusk said that the agreement signed by the 28 member states of the EU Friday granting a “special status” to the UK will be “irreversible” if the country chooses to remain in the union.

“British Prime Minister David Cameron got all he could and the rest of the member countries offered all they could,” said Tusk.