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  • Trump Says He, Peña Nieto Discussed Border Wall but Not Who Pays

  • Peña Nieto stated the U.S.-Mexican border must be seen as an asset for the region

, photo: Reuters/Henry Romero

31 of August 2016 15:06:58

MEXICO CITY -- U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Wednesday he and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto discussed Trump's proposal for a border wall between the countries, but not the New York businessman's demand that Mexico pay for it.Trump and Peña Nieto emerged from about an hour of talks at the presidential palace in Mexico City to deliver statements to the news media and take questions."We did discuss the wall, we didn't discuss payment of the wall, that will be at a later date, this was a very preliminary meeting, it was an excellent meeting," Trump said.Peña Nieto, in his statement, said the border must be seen as an asset for the region. He said undocumented immigration from Mexico to the United States had dropped considerably since reaching a peak a decade ago.





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