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Saturday 30 of September 2023

Sen. Sanders Defends Mexicans from Trump's Attacks

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Sanders in Wisconsin.,Photo: Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Sanders in Wisconsin.,Photo: Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich
'We are making people scapegoats,' the US senator accused the Republican candidates

Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential candidate, Tuesday lambasted billionaire Donald Trump for using Mexicans as “scapegoats” of the problems of the United States and for the anger of U.S. voters.

Sanders, who accumulated 975 delegates compared to the 1,243 thousand former First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton, said that the working class is concerned about their economic situation and upset by uncertainty about their future.

“What Trump is doing is to use that anger and say, ‘It’s the fault of the Mexicans or the fault of Muslims.’ We are making people scapegoats, and attacking Mexicans earning eight dollars per hour will not solve the problems,” he told CNN.

Sanders celebrated the agreement reached with the Clinton team to have another debate face to face, before the state primary election in New York on April 19.

Sanders was interviewed in conjunction with a town hall meeting with the three Republican presidential hopefuls, Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Before the debate, Trump defended his campaign director, Corey Lewandowski, who was charged with battery Tuesday, by the Florida State Police, of a reporter seeking to interview the Republican presidential candidate.

“He’s a very decent man,” said the tycoon in a unique press conference in the cabin of his luxury personal jet. Trump ruled out dismissing Lewandowski despite the incident.

In the invterview with CNN before the Republican town hall, Sanders said regarding Trump’s Lewandowski, “My campaign manager does not assault female journalists.”