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The News
  • Rajoy Set to Lead Spain

  • The political gridlock that has lasted ten months will finally come to an end

, photo: AP/Olivier Matthys

25 of October 2016 14:50:40

Conservative Mariano Rajoy said Tuesday he accepted the King of Spain’s offer to become Prime Minister, once the Socialist party finally lifted the veto."The king has asked me to resubmit my candidacy as Prime Minister and I have accepted the position," Rajoy told the press. He welcomes the end to the "fruitless" political gridlock that has lasted ten months."Spain’s current situation is unprecedented in our history: two general elections, over 300 days of caretaker government, an absolute paralysis and a whole host of problems," said Rajoy. He said he hoped that once the gridlock ends, an era will begin "based on dialogue, understanding and cooperation."Rajoy did not announce the date of the debate. With a duration of four days, it must end before Oct. 31, which is the date assigned by the Spanish Constitution as the deadline for the formation of a new government.

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