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  • OAS Rights' Commission Asks Protection for Guatemala Judge

  • The commission demanded the government protect Galvez and his family

, photo: World Economic Forum/Michael Wuertenberg

23 of August 2016 18:48:59

The Inter-American Human Rights Commission is calling on Guatemala's government to provide protection for a judge involved in high-profile anti-corruption cases.The commission is a body of the Organization of American States and its decision involving Judge Miguel Angel Galvez was announced Tuesday by Guatemala's Center for International Law and Justice.Galvez ordered former President Otto Perez Molina jailed pending trial in a graft scheme known as "The Line," in which suspects allegedly defrauded the state by taking bribes to lower customs duties.Galvez has reported receiving threats and said the interior ministry had information about a possible attack on him. He did not say who was behind the threats.The commission demanded the government protect Galvez and his family.Galvez said the call "makes me feel more at peace."

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