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The News
  • May Tops First Round of Tory Leadership Poll

  • Theresa May receives vast majority of votes from fellow Conservative Party members

, photo: Reuters/Peter Nicholls

05 of July 2016 12:36:19

Home Secretary Theresa May has scored extremely well in the first round of voting for the next leader of the Conservative Party. The contest will decide who will become prime minister.She received 165 votes from fellow Conservative Party members of Parliament, far more than Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom, who received 66 votes.Justice Secretary Michael Gove received 48 votes. Stephen Crabb finished fourth with 34 supporters.Former defense secretary Liam Fox received only 16 votes and was eliminated from the leadership contest.The voting is scheduled to resume Thursday, when the party's 330 legislators can choose from the four remaining candidates. The voting continues until two candidates remain. At that point, the choice will be put to the entire Conservative Party membership.The new party leader will be announced Sept. 9.

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