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  • Draft U.S. Report Says Extreme Storms Driven by Climate Change

  • The report contradicts public statements by President Donald Trump

In this Jan. 23, 2016 file photo, huge waves batter the coast on Beach Boulevard in Pacifica, California. photo: San Jose Mercury News via AP/John Green, File, photo: San Jose Mercury News/John Green, via AP

08 of August 2017 14:09:26

WASHINGTON – A draft report produced by 13 federal agencies concludes that the United States is already feeling the impacts of climate change, with a stark increase in the frequency of extreme weather over the last four decades.The report contradicts public statements by President Donald Trump and members of his Cabinet casting doubt on the consensus of climate scientists that the warming is being primarily driven by man-made carbon emissions and will have serious consequences.

The draft, a copy of which was obtained by a news agency, was distributed widely in December for review by scientists. It has not yet been finalized for public release by the Trump administration.The assessment says global temperatures will continue to rise without steep reductions in the burning of fossil fuels.


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