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The News
  • Britain to Test Part-Driverless Platoons of Trucks 

  • Officials say truck platoons would save fuel and reduce carbon emissions

A USA truck driving down a road, photo: Wikimedia

25 of August 2017 18:54:44

LONDON – Britain is set to conduct road trials of self-driving trucks, involving a "platoon" of vehicles controlled by a driver in the front.The Department for Transport said Friday that up to three trucks will travel in convoy, connected by Wi-Fi and with braking and acceleration controlled by the lead vehicle.Officials say the formation saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions, because the lead truck pushes air out of the way, making the others more efficient.

Similar trials have been conducted in Europe and the United States. But critics say driverless trucks are unsuited to Britain's often narrow and winding roads.Automobile Association President Edmund King says "platooning may work on the miles of deserted freeways in Arizona or Nevada, but this is not America."

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