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  • Brazil's Top Prosecutor Requests Arrests of Key Politicians

  • The politicians who face arrest include lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha, one of deposed President Dilma Rousseff's principal enemies

A demonstrator from the Avaaz organization wears a mask photograph of the former Lower House Speaker Eduardo Cunha, as he holds up fake money outside Congress in Brasilia, Brazil, Tuesday, June 7, 2016. Cunha is facing allegations of lying to congress by denying holding overseas bank accounts, and has been charged with corruption and obstruction of justice. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres), photo: AP/Eraldo Peres

07 of June 2016 13:28:37

RIO DE JANEIRO — A leading newspaper says Brazil's top prosecutor is asking the country's highest court to arrest senior politicians for allegedly obstructing a corruption investigation into state oil company Petrobras.

Senate President Renan Calheiros is one of several reportedly being sought by prosecutor Rodrigo Janot. He called the request "disproportional and abusive" in a statement.The O Globo daily reported that Janot also requested the arrests of former President José Sarney, lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha and Sen. Romero Juca, who was briefly planning minister for interim President Michel Temer. The newspaper said all three denied obstructing the investigation.The attorney general's office declined comment.A decision on the arrests will be made by Supreme Federal Tribunal Justice Teori Zavascki. Only the high court can decide to arrest or try federal lawmakers.

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