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  • 'Black Wednesday' Latin American Women Unite Against Gender Violence

  • Ni Una Menos calls for women to stand together against the escalating wave of gender-based crimes

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19 of October 2016 13:36:58

BUENOS AIRES – The rape and murder of an Argentinian teenager, yet another case of the escalating gender violence in the South American country, was the last straw that mobilized numerous organizations to call for an all-women work strike on Wednesday, which extended to several other Latin American countries, including Mexico.

This demonstration — first of its kind in Argentina — is a response to the murder of Lucía Pérez, 16, who was drugged, raped, murdered and impaled, by two men in Mar del Plata. According to statements by the prosecutor who investigated the crime, Pérez “was subject to inhuman sexual aggressions which inflicted such pain that led to a cardiorespiratory arrest.”

Both men are under custody.

Under the motto of “Black Wednesday”, the group “Ni Una Menos” (Not One Less) along with 50 other organizations called for women to dress in mourning and raise their voices against the increasing crimes against women. The strike is scheduled to take effect from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (16.00 y 17.00 GMT), followed by demonstrations in Buenos Aires.

Similar demonstrations will also take place in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Guatemala.

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