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Tuesday 06 of December 2022

Argentina Recorded More Than Two Thousand Femicides in Eight Years

A man holds a banner that reads
A man holds a banner that reads "No more Femicide" during a demonstration to mark International Women's Day,Photo: Reuters/Ivan Alvarado
There are 2,518 children and young people who lost their mother and yet there is not legislation requiring the state to protect them

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – The growing wave of femicides that have been recorded in Argentina show in the past eight years 2,094 women were killed, mostly by boyfriends, husbands or ex-partners, was denounced Thursday by the civil organization, Casa del Encuentro.

The organization presented its Femicide Observatory with United Nations backing, an annual report on violence against women in the South American country, which last year conceived the movement “Ni una menos” (Not one less).

The data is chilling, because despite complaints, campaigns and mobilizations, the murders of women are increasing, causing the less visible tragedy of children left motherless or to the family of the father, who in many cases is the murderer.

Between 2014 and 2015, for example, annual femicides increased from 277 to 286, and cases recorded last year left 214 minors without a mother.

50327025. Buenos Aires, Arg.- Escritoras, periodistas y artistas realizaron una maratón de lectura para denunciar los crecientes femicidios en Argentina, un país en el que durante los últimos ocho años han matado a mil 808 mujeres por el solo hecho de serlo. NOTIMEX/FOTO/ESPECIAL/COR/HUM/
Writers, journalists and artists staged a reading marathon to denounce femicide in Argentina. Photo: Notimex/Special

Since 2008 when this organization began conducting its review based on newspaper reports, there are 2,518 children and young people who lost their mother and yet there is not legislation requiring the state to protect them financially until they are no longer considered minors.

The methodologies are repeated year after year, that the women are stabbed, strangled, beaten, and shot, although 2015 highlighted a greater tendency for incineration.

The report stressed, moreover five travesties committed last year and the femicide of a native woman, as are crimes that match persisting patterns of discrimination.

The data in Argentina mean that a woman dies every 32 hours for the simple fact of being, plus half of the cases are registered in their own homes.