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The News
  • Air France Pilot Strike Cancels 20-30 Pct of Sat Flights 

  • The cancellations are disrupting the European soccer championship, which is taking place in Paris

, photo: commons.wikimedia/Joe Ravi

09 of June 2016 13:23:05

PARIS — Air France says it's canceling 20-30 percent of its flights on Saturday, day two of the European soccer championship, because of a pilots' strike.

CEO Frederic Gagey told reporters on Thursday that the company offered a new proposal in a long-running dispute over working conditions, but unions rejected it.Pilots unions have called for a strike Saturday to Tuesday, coinciding with the starting matches of the month-long European Championship soccer tournament featuring games in cities around France.Gagey said the airline would work to limit the impact on traveling soccer fans — but said Air France can only guarantee 70 percent to 80 percent of flights worldwide Saturday.Strikes in other sectors by unions angry at a labor reform bill may make for a bumpy start to the event.

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