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Wednesday 22 of March 2023

Cruz Azul Without a Home

Estadio Azul, where Cruz Azul plays their home games,photo: Wikipedia
Estadio Azul, where Cruz Azul plays their home games,photo: Wikipedia
A Liga MX giant may give a home to the Cruz Azul

After 2018, the Estadio Azul will cease to exist, to give way to the construction of a new mall and hotel. Because of this, Cruz Azul has been thinking about building a new stadium.

The most viable option for the team would be to build a stadium in the Velódromo, but Horacio de la Vega, Mexico City Sports Institute director, has declared that Cruz Azul must search for other locations, as the Ciudad Deportiva  is not an option.

“It can’t be close to the Ciudad Deportiva. It is definitely not an option, it isn’t going to happen. We need to explore other options like the delegation of Venustiano Carranza, Azcapotzalco, or Xochimilco,” said De la Vega.

For now, it seems that the new home of Cruz Azul will be the Estadio Azteca until they decide upon a permanent location.

Time is passing and if Cruz Azul doesn’t want to share a stadium with América, the directors need to choose a site for their new construction.

Billy Álvarez has made clear that the construction of the stadium is happening, but could not confirm the dates.

If the decision hasn’t been made by mid-2017, it will be almost certain that Cruz Azul will return to share a stadium with another one of the league’s giant teams.