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The News
  • Atlético Madrid Preparing A Negotiation with the Liga MX

  • Atlético will invest in a Mexican soccer team and in return will send one of its players: Fernando Torres

, photo: Wikipedia

03 of November 2016 15:41:40

The crisis afflicting teams like the Jaguares de Chiapas (Chiapas Jaguars) and the interest that exists in other countries to invest in the Liga MX has ensured that a new investor is close to entering into the Mexican soccer market: Atlético Madrid.According to the soccer site Mediotiempo, Atlético Madrid would "enter" into Mexican soccer and change the Chiapas team to San Luis, which was until recently in the First Division.There would be a partnership between the Spanish club and the López Chargoys (the family that owns the Jaguares) and the arrival of marquee signing, Fernando Torres.The bet is that El Niño, together with other European footballers, will become a magnet to attract sponsors.


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