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  • América To Spend Big for 2017 Closing Season

  • The Eagles are on the hunt for a goalkeeper, as well as players to fit into the right and left-side of defense

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Adolfo Vladimir

01 of December 2016 15:15:16

According to Rubén Rodríguez, journalist at Fox Sports, América will spend a good amount of money for the 2017 Closing Season.The name most frequently cited to join the team is the current Santos goal-keeper, Agustín Marchesín. Due to the injury to Paul Aguilar for the whole of the Opening Season 2016, the right side is an area that Peláez is seeking to reinforce immediately, as Ventura Alvarado and Gil Burón don’t fit the bill.Rubens Sambueza has a contact until December 2017 but with the probably departure of Osvaldo Martínez and the suitability of William Da Silva as back up. Another position needing to be covered will be the left-side of defence, one to cover William when he plays as a winger and another to cover “Sambu” when unavailable.América have considered the absences of important players like Paul Aguilar and Rubens Sambueza in the team this year. Without their leadership, the team became unbalanced and lost important games that they should not have in their 100th year.At last it seems that Peláez will sign players of the right stature for América. Better late than never.


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