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Wednesday 29 of November 2023

Political Recklessness

David Monreal Ávila,photo: Wikipedia
David Monreal Ávila,photo: Wikipedia
Somewhere in the government of this country there must be common sense and the ability to think in political terms

What is happening now with the National Regeneration Movement’s (Morena) governor candidates is truly political suicide.

On the one hand, its leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador must be very happy that there have been political and social circumstances that, at the end of the day, have contributed to his campaign. Because, after 12 years, it is still based around denouncing the mafia of power and saying that all who belong to it are corrupt.

However, there are many people in Morena who do not have the idealistic vision of its president. Because several members of the party see it as a platform to change reality and as a basis for personal development through service to people.

In that sense, we do not understand the decision of the National Electoral Institute (INE) to cancel the registration of the candidacy of David Monreal Ávila for the governorship of Zacatecas. He was the only member of Morena who seemed to have a serious chance to become governor.

This situation, in my opinion, was a serious gesture of lack of political sanity, because it took away the possibility of having a moderate candidate in the sense of the responsibility that is being in government for Morena. However, the same thing had already happened in March, when electoral authorities left the party without a candidate for the governorship of Durango, when they annulled the register of Guillermo Fabela Quiñones.

In the end, there is always something that worries the radicals in Morena: That they are robbed or cheated out of elections. But now it seems that they are being prevented from even entering the ballots, thus confirming all the conspiracy theories of the good and the evil, where the latter like to be the heretics of today, because that, through history, has made them the prophets of tomorrow.

Somewhere in the government of this country there must be common sense and the ability to think in political terms. And the political thing to do is not taking what Morena gets during the elections.

The problem is that, with this situation, we are keep feeding the beast of speculation and disqualification, and entering that game that means taking the money and privileges of institutions, but using any action to declare rebellion against them, and act within and outside the system.

Therefore, I think the way in which the whole Mexican democratic system and the institutions which have been handling all of this, are being unintelligent.