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Saturday 30 of September 2023

Beat the Friend

Ricardo Anaya,photo: Pedro Sánchez
Ricardo Anaya,photo: Pedro Sánchez
Ricardo Anaya, president of the PAN, doesn’t beat around the bush

As we approach 2018, the profiles of the real battles in the elections campaigns in our country are changing.

For example, the problem is not that the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) may win over the National Action Party (PAN) or vice versa, bu that the election of June 5 will be a process of natural selection through money and betrayals, which will cause that the most outstanding racing horses fall over or break their legs.

Therefore, Ricardo Anaya, president of the PAN, doesn’t beat around the bush. He has decided to keep the television spots and express his desire — regardless of the governorships his party may win — of being the young president with shaved hair that Mexico needs.

Meanwhile, what will happened to the party that claims to rule? That is simple, because rumors suggest that, while the National Executive Committee (CEN) is working to win the 12 governorships, there are maneuvers and agreements made in the dark, which will transform the campaign into an obstacle course that will have to be traversed by the current president of the CEN, a member of the PRI.

And to achieve that there will be two deadly weapons, because the they is not just to defeat enemies, but also friends.

In that sense, what will be the budget of the CEN, if Mexico doesn’t have any money and if the Treasury and Public Finance Secretariat (SHCP) is enforcing a kind of “prohibition law” in the country?

In addition, one should consider that the political stability of cronies and alliances happens only in some states. For example, will there be a fight in Puebla? Will Veracruz surrender?

But, among all this, who wins in the end? Well, those who already held power, because they don’t require the corresponding responsibilities.

Now the problem is not Gustavo Madero or Margarita Zavala or Felipe Calderón. The problem is Anaya, pure ambition at any price.

And if, starting from this scheme, there is an agreement between the major governorships, the first thing to happen will be to eliminate from the race the major competitors.

The second thing that would happen would be to tell Zavala, who ranks second in electoral preferences — after Andrés Manuel López Obrador — that she has nothing to do.

And third, López Obrador makes everything very easy, because he doesn’t really want to win, he just wants to be right. He prefers to be above the world and its weaknesses.

Therefore, nothing would be easier than taking him from the electoral map, although he remains the first pick of Mexicans. Or maybe, what must be don is to give him the opportunity — as Venezuela did with Nicolás Maduro — of having a national television program called “Aló, Andrés Manuel”.