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The News
  • Warrant Out For Businessman Wanted in Highway Beating

  • Warrent in response to viral video of Alberto Senties Palacio's two bodyguards assaulting a motorist


15 of March 2016 17:00:29

According to Sub Attorney Oscar Montes de Oca, the Attorney General of Mexico City has put out a location and presentation order for businessperson Alberto Senties Palacio and two of his bodyguards after the latter assaulted a motorist on the Tlalpan Viaduct on March 11.

"Nothing could justify the manner in which these subjects have injured the victim, and much less the arrogance with which they did it. It was an aggravating circumstance of a gang, more than three people, and it was violent and that makes it a felony.”

The location and presentation order is valid in Mexico City and the State of Morelos, since the Ferrari vehicle, property of business person Senties Palacio, had license plates from that state.

The video that a driver recorded, of the moment of the aggression against Jair Alberto Gómez de la Paz, was afterwards circulated on social networks.


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