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  • Videgaray: Mexico Ready for NAFTA Negotiations

  • Videgaray Caso said that Mexico is open to accept modifications to NAFTA, as long as "free trade remains free"

Luis Videgaray Caso with the President of the Spanish government Mariano Rajoy in Madrid, Spain, April 19, 2017. photo: SRE via Cuartoscuro, photo: SRE, via Cuartoscuro

19 of April 2017 16:01:51

Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray Caso said that negotiations on the commercial aspects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) could take place over the summer.During his visit to Spain for the 22nd "Mexico-Spain Binational Commission," Videgaray Caso said that Mexico knows what it wants to get out of the negotiations."Mexico is a sovereign nation that believes in the rule of law and in international law. Our intention is to have a constructive, comprehensive and well-intentioned discussion," said Videgaray Caso.Videgaray Caso emphasized that Mexico recognizes that the United States is a sovereign nation and therefore it is free to protect its borders, but he views "the construction of a wall as an unfriendly gesture and an unfortunate case of populist politics. However, it's an issue that will be dealt within the United States' government.""Mexico won't contribute or sit down with the United States to discuss the construction of a wall," said Videgaray Caso.Mexico has a list of ten points to discuss with the Trump administration according to Videgaray Caso. Among them are the development of Central American countries that generate migrants and a more active role in the fight against drug and weapon trafficking from organized crime.Videgaray Caso said that Mexico is open to accept modifications to NAFTA, as long as "free trade remains free, without taxes or fees, and that the same rules apply for trade with Canada.""We're aware of the importance of the United States for Mexico, but also, of the importance of Mexico for the United States. We're sure we will reach a satisfactory agreement and we hope to start soon," said Videgaray Caso.

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