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  • Veracruz’s Ex-Secretary of Finance Gets Year in Prison

  • Mauricio Audirac is sentenced to a year in preventive prison

Mauricio Audirac, Veracruz’s Ex-Secretary of Finance, was detained yesterday night and transfered to Pacho Viejo Penitentiary after being arrested in Puebla, photo: Cuartoscuro/Alberto Roa

30 of March 2017 15:39:02

Judge Alma Delia Sosa Jiménez has sentenced Mauricio Audirac, Veracruz’s former Secretary of Finance, who was detained yesterday in Puebla and transferred to the Pacho Viejo Penitentiary in Veracruz, to one year of prison. He is accused of conspiracy and alleged diversion of funds for the amount of 2.3 billion pesos ($122,858,088).

After being detained, Audirac was left to the disposition of the control judge, who Thursday  decided that since Audirac had tried to evade justice, he is at risk of fleeing. Due to this, she sentenced him to a year in preventive prison in Pacho Viejo as a precaution.

During the four hour audience, the State Prosecutor's Office sustained that Audirac had diverted public funds that were destined for social development programs.

The prosecution is still investigating the other crimes which include embezzlement, abuse of authority and illicit enrichment.

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