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The News
  • Veracruz Security and Public Protection Secretary Resigns

  • It was recently revealed he owns five mansions in Texas

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Karlo Reyes

04 of August 2016 14:50:05

Arturo Bermúdez Zurita resigned as the Public Security Secretary in Veracruz. He committed to clarifying the source of his personal wealth and defending himself against accusations of misconduct. A recent investigative report found that Bermúdez Zurita has five mansions in the exclusive Woodlands development in Texas. The houses are in his name or the name of his wife, and in total are worth $2.4 million.

Governor Javier Duarte accepted the resignation. José Nabor Nava Holguín, Deputy Secretary, will assume Bermúdez Zurita's post.Bermúdez Zurita says that he has always acted within the law and, "I will continue to do so, I will not give credit to this political lynching."He said on his Twitter account that all his properties are the result of his work as a public official, other income sources outside his public service and investments.

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