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Monday 21 of September 2020

UAEM's Potrobús Now Has 29 Units

Olvera García also presented air conditioning for a laboratory,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
Olvera García also presented air conditioning for a laboratory,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
The free service will be offered to the entire student body

TIANGUISTENCO, México – Costing close to two million pesos ($105,979) and benefiting 1,256 students of the Tianguistenco campus, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) rector Jorge Olvera García, presented the 29th bus of the Potrobús University School Transportation System, as well as an outdoor gym and air conditioning to the Characterization Laboratory.

Olvera García was accompanied by the director of the Tianguistenco campus, Guadalupe Santamaria González, as well as teaching secretary Alfredo Barrera Baca rectory secretary Hiram Raúl Piña Libien and administrative secretary Javier González Martínez, in opening the new facilities. The Characterization Laboratory provides students with up-to-date tools to develop skills needed in their professional lives, enabling them to successfully face the labor market.

As part of the visit, Olvera García encouraged students of the campus to make their alma mater proud and recognized the fine work done in the robotics and manufacturing laboratories.

Potrobús continues to be appreciated by students of the university because it is synonymous with safety, comfort, and quality, said Olvera García. He endorsed this free service, saying that it will benefit the entire student body, and be used in academic and sporting activities.

The inauguration of the outdoor gym is another step forward in the intentions of the university administration to allow sports to be more prominent in student community activities.

With more sports facilities, UAEM promotes healthy lifestyles and activities that strengthen the body and promote health among university students.

Representing the university community, Santamaria González thanked Olvera García for his support.