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  • UAEM ‘Won’t Cut a Cent’ on Scholarships

  • The UAEM is committed to combating school desertion and rewarding merit through scholarships and grants


03 of March 2016 18:58:51

Allowing students to drop out is to condemn the state and the country to failure, stated the President of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) Jorge Olvera García, who warned that the institution “won’t cut a cent” on scholarships, with the aim of supporting youth to finish their studies without problems.During the scholarship granting ceremony of the UAEMéx Foundation –featuring the granting of the first maintenance grant “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos”– Olvera García pointed out that “at the UAEM economic aids are granted every day, seeking to avoid school desertion and keeping students in the classrooms.”In the auditorium “Ing. José Yurrieta Valdés” of the administrative building of the UAEM, with the presence of Humberto Benítez Treviño the President of the Foundation, the head of the UAEM reiterated that economic support was given mainly to “student of low income families that wish to continue preparing themselves and demonstrate it daily with their results.”The event was also attended by Secretary of Extension and Linking María de los Ángeles Bernal García, UAEM Rectory Secretary Hiram Raúl Piña Libien, as well as Mariana Sánchez Garay, Executive Director of the UAEMéx Foundation.On this occasion scholarships for a total of 213,500 pesos we granted to the teams Baja SAE, Fórmula SAE, Concrete Canoe and Iron Bridge of the faculty of engineering, that will represent the UAEM in national and international competitions that will take place in the United States in the coming months.During the granting of the maintenance grant “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos” to high school student Yadira Carranco Ortiz, President Olvera García detailed that the granting of recognitions and stimulus to the best students as well as from low income households, has intensified since Humberto Benítez Treviño was named the head of the UAEMéx Foundation, carrying out unparalleled acts and consistent support, on a regular and permanent basis, for the benefit of university students.The UAEM, he emphasized, is an aspiration to many young people. To this day, a record number of preregistrations has been noted to join middle and superior levels. Almost 57,000 students have made their application to study in this prestigious university which celebrated its 60th anniversary as UAEM in 2016On this occasion Humberto Benítez Treviño expressed that university is a great social equalizer and asked the students obtaining a scholarship to double their efforts to confront challenges.After recognizing that President Jorge Olvera García “has a systemic vision of where science, education and culture should go, for without education their is delinquency and the greater the education the lesser the social injustice, the social frustration, the delinquency, the corruption and impunity”, Benítez Treviño –who is also president of the Colegio Mexiquense– stated that UAEMéx Foundation continues to advance in search of innovation, competitiveness and modernization of knowledge.During this act support was granted to new members of the team Baja SAE UAEMex, which competed from February 26 to 28 in the Bajío region. The team composed of 36 members will participate in the international Formula SAE competition in Brooklyn, Michigan, between the 11th and 14th of May. Another team of students will participate in the Concrete Canoe international competition, which is to take place in Lubbock, Texas, from the 7th to the 9th of March. Finally, another 24 students will participate in the Iron Bridge competition, from the 7th to the 19th of April, also in Lubbock Texas. All the students belong the the faculty of engineering.

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