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UAEM Will have New High School Campus in Zinacantepec

The UAEM will soon offer quality education to the municipality with the first high school campus built in the State of Mexico in 38 years
By The News · 15 of April 2016 13:11:36
The UAEM will soon offer high school education in Zinacantepec, No available, photo: courtesy of UAEM

ZICANANTEPEC, State of Mexico – The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) will have a new high school campus in the municipality of Zinacantepec, for the construction of which the rector of the University, Jorge Olvera García, will take the necessary steps before local and federal chamber of deputies, in order to obtain the necessary financing.

After receiving the proof of ownership in favor of the UAEM for the grounds to build this educational facility, given by the municipal president of Zicanantepec Manuel Castrejón Morales, the rector of the UAEM indicated that this would be the institution’s 10th high school establishment in the state, adding to the five existing in Toluca, as well as the ones in Texcoco, Amecameca, Tenancingo and Atlacomulco.

During the 11th Ordinary Session of the Zicanantepec Council, rector Olvera García pointed out that the opening of this establishment will represent a historic event for the UAEM as, and even though operations for the Atlacomulco “Isidro Fabela Alfaro” campus began in 2011, this will be the first campus built in 38 years in the valley of Toluca that offers high school education.

Before members of the council, the rector stated that he was confident that Eruviel Ávila Villegas, governor of the State of Mexico, would support this project and renew his endorsement and solidarity with this educational institution, but above all with young people that demand quality education, something which the UAEM guarantees.

Jorge Olvera García underlined the effort of officials to provide quality education to the young people of the municipality, recognizing the effort from municipal authorities to support those who are avid to find qualified institutions to pursue their studies.

Manuel Castrejón Morales asserted that the construction of the campus in Zinacantepec represents an opportunity for growth and development for young people and the municipality in general.

When granting of the proof of ownership to the UAEM, the municipal president reiterated his commitment to education and thanked the educational institution for soon offering high school education in the region.

The grounds for the future campus are located on José María Morelos street, in Zinacantepec, and will occupy 13,423 square meters (144,484 square feet).