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UAEM Thesis Seminar Provides Science Students Extra Support

The Mathematics Department also offers courses open to the public, such as origami
By The News · 25 of August 2016 08:35:10
The UAEM Mathematics Department offers a range of courses and workshops, No available, photo:

The Mathematics Workshops and Seminaries Hall, part of the Sciences Department at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) offers a Thesis Seminar for students in the mathematics undergraduate degree program. The seminar aims to increase enrollment in the department. This class is in addition to workshops offered in Graphics, Polyhedrons, and Origami.

María del Rocío Rojas Monroy, director of the Mathematics Workshops and Seminaries Hall, said that in addition to diverse academic activities, the seminary gives students an opportunity to develop their thesis proposals.

She said that the hall is open to all mathematics students; especially those who are interested in discrete mathematics, a branch of mathematics that uses integers and finite sets and is applied in fields such as internet search engines; to provide support to develop their thesis projects. The program has a strong basis in algebra, number theory and graphics, which are applied in the origami class.

Rojas Monroy said that the academic offerings in discrete and applied mathematics are an important part of the Mathematics Hall, which also has review courses and informational and research seminars.

The origami class also began in this semester, which is a weekly class open to the public.