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  • UAEM Students and Professors Carry Out Academic Stay in Panama

  • Mexican gastronomy students take part in cultural and academic exchange

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29 of March 2016 12:41:07

Students and professors from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) Tourism and Gastronomy Department carried out a one-week academic stay at the University of Panama with the goal of getting to know the gastronomic culture of the country.The visit was carried out to celebrate the collaborative agreement between the two universities with the objective that students and teachers from both institutions exchange academic and cultural knowledge.Professors Alfredo Hernández Cedillo and Sonia León González with students Alexia Reyes Andrade, Julieta Cantero Quiroz, Carla Ivonne Ortega González, Rebeca Garduño Sesmas, Denisse García Ayala, Adolfo Gabriel Zagal Toledo, Rodrigo Aldair García Cadena and Miguel Ángel Millán Estrada, attended various theory and practice classes, like Traditional Panama Cooking, Pastry-Making and Garde Manger (which refers to the chef who is in charge of cutting cold dishes).UAEM students also took part in cultural activities and a guided tour of the tourist and gastronomic attractions of the capital.The academic project began last year when the UAEM received a group of nine students and one professor from the University of Panama, with the aim of strengthening academic ties between the two institutions.At the end of the stay, UAEM students learned about the culture and gastronomy of Panama, strengthening ties to continue with the academic exchange.

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