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The News
  • UAEM student wins silver medal at Information Technology Olympiad

  • Students and parents gathered at the "Nezahualcoyotl" campus facililtes as headquarters of the contest


01 of March 2016 17:05:41

Mexico's economy should be based on the generation of technology and new ideas and not on premium or manufacturing materials, considered the academic director of the Mexican Informatics Committee, César Cepeda García, during the Awards Ceremony of the XXI State Information Technology Olympiad, in which Diana Alejandra Granados Colín, student from the "Nezahualcoyotl" high school campus of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, won a silver medal.In this ceremony, where they gave quotes from the general director of State of Mexico Science and Technology Council, Silvia Cristina Manzur Quiroga; Director of Mid Level Superior Studies at UAEM, María Estela Delgado Maya; the director of the Campus "Nezahualcoyotl," Laura Espinoza Ávila, and the president of the Mexican Information Technology Committee, Arturo Cepeda Salinas, said César Cepeda García, that Mexico must cease to be a nation of the third world and jump into a larger economy, which is only possible with the development of ideas and talented people, just as the participants of the Information Technology Olympiad.To students and parents gathered at the "Nezahualcoyotl"campus facilities, headquarters of the contest, Cepeda García urged the winners and all participants to take advantage of their talents to contribute to national development.In this event one bronze, eight silver and nine gold medals were awarded to students who earned top marks at the event, which brought together high school students from all subsystems of the State of Mexico and even included basic education, whose winners will represent the organization at the National Olympiad and seek a place to represent our country in international events.

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