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The News
  • UAEM Student Participates in World Robotics Olympiad

  • Morán Caballero designed a bowling robot

, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

24 of January 2017 15:12:27

Marco Antonio Morán Caballero, a junior at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico's (UAEM) Adolfo López Mateos high school, represented his country in the last World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) in India, a competition for students that has been held since 2004.The Mexican team was selected as the ninth best of the 55 participants in the ARC (Advanced Robotics Challenge) category, for middle and senior students, between 17 and 25 years of age.The project in which Morán Caballero participated consists of a robot designed to bowl. The bowling pins are randomly accommodated and the robot, with the support of a computer, could detect the bowling pins and hit them accurately.Morán Caballero also took extracurricular courses in Cyberbots Robotics School of Toluca, where he met Carlos Ortega and Montserrat García, other members of his World Robot Olympiad team.UAEM rector Jorge Olvera García recognized Morán Caballero for his participation in the international competition and emphasized his effort and ability to compete against other international talents, which speaks of his solid academic ability.

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