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  • UAEM Student Designs Toy For Children With Autism

  • The toy allows children who are on the autism spectrum to develop motor skills

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18 of August 2016 12:25:14

Nancy Viridiana Hernández Hernández, a graduate of the Industrial Design program at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico's (UAEM) Chalco campus, working with professor Héctor Adrián Luevano Torres, designed an interactive didactic toy for children with autism. The toy improves stimulation for children and helps them develop and strengthen learning skills.Hernández Hernández said that it is a sensory mat for children between age three and six who have limited motor skills. The toy allows them to complete different tasks and exercises and  improve coordination.She analyzed different materials to design the toy at the UAEM Chalco campus. She is still carrying out tests to determine what activities with the toy will best facilitate development for children.Hernández Hernández said that there are millions of people on the autism spectrum worldwide, which includes both Asperger's Syndrome and autism. She said there is a need for more study in order to understand the benefits of different exercises so that these children can develop intellectually.

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