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  • UAEM Sanctions Hugo del Pozzo for 20 Years

  • Del Pozzo did not fulfill a contract signed with the government of Oaxaca, impacting UAEM's reputation and finances

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09 of September 2016 14:59:12

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) has sanctioned Hugo Manuel del Pozzo Rodríguez from university employment for 20 years. This is an unprecedented act, in accordance with the university transparency guidelines.Rector Jorge Olvera García said that the sanction reflects the university’s commitment to transparency in the use of public funds. Del Pozzo’s punishment is a result of a contract he signed with the state government of Oaxaca that he did not fulfill. His failure to fulfill the contract reflected poorly on the UAEM community.[caption id="attachment_34740" align="alignright" width="200"]Hugo del Pozzo has been sanctioned by UAEM. Photo: Courtesy of UAEM Hugo del Pozzo has been sanctioned by UAEM. Photo: Courtesy of UAEM[/caption]In signing the contract with the state of Oaxaca, Del Pozzo did not inform UAEM authorities in the Financial Resources Office. Because the university was not fully informed of the contract, it was not able to properly respond to the situation.Del Pozzo was paid 56 million pesos ($2.9 million) for the contract, which ultimately was not fulfilled. The Oaxaca state government sought UAEM to return this amount, with interest. This totaled 100 million pesos, impacting this year’s university budget.A further investigation into Del Pozzo’s financial practices found that he had been awarding “scholarships” to students that exceeded the amount approved by UAEM. He had given scholarships for up to one million pesos per year to grantees.He also was found to contract with companies that were not registered as contractors with UAEM.

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