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  • UAEM Researchers Propose Gastronomy Observatory

  • The two professors hope to promote gastronomic tourism to the State of Mexico

, photo: UAEM

23 of June 2016 14:57:45

Researchers from the School of Gastronomy and Tourism at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) proposed to create a gastronomy observatory for the State of Mexico, which would allow the state's rich diversity of food culture to be recorded and preserved.Andrés López Ojeda and Héctor Favila Cisneros, professors and researchers at the UAEM, said that the observatory will allow information and research about gastronomy to be more available to the public.According to López Ojeda and Favila Cisneros, creating the observatory will demand significant effort because of the fact that the State of Mexico has many different regional cuisines and tourist destinations, including 22 pueblos mágicos (magical villages).They added that the observatory will allow the public to make decisions about promoting citizen participation and preserving gastronomic traditions.The observatory would also support the academic sector, giving it tools reflect and expand the understanding of gastronomy, as well as the business sector.López Ojeda and Favila Cisneros plan to focus the observatory on two issues. The first will be focused on researching and gathering information about traditional gastronomy, while the second will be focused on using gastronomic research to promote tourism.

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