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  • UAEM Presents Short Film

  • Cuitláhuac Martín Gómez Salinas produced the documentary to honor his father and local municipality

, photo: Public Domain Pictures

11 of November 2016 14:22:09

Cuitláhuac Martín Gómez Salinas, a professor of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), presented the short documentary film "Teotenanco: The Place of the Divine Wall" to thePolitical and Social Science Department. The film was developed in collaboration with academics Jorge Hurtado and Jesús Lujambio, as well as a graphic designer who was in charge of creating the logo of this audiovisual production.[caption id="attachment_41158" align="alignleft" width="200"]Cuitláhuac Martín Gómez Salinas speaks during the presentation. Photo: Courtesy of UAEM Cuitláhuac Martín Gómez Salinas speaks during the presentation. Photo: Courtesy of UAEM[/caption]In the Ignacio Ramírez Calzada Auditorium of the university, the director of the short film explained that he chose the archaeological zone of Tenango del Valle because it was an enigmatic place and it was the place where he grew up. It was here that his father motivated him to take advantage of his studies.Before political and social science students, he said that the film will work to develop and publicize the area.Gómez Salinas said that to this day there isn't a production that relates the importance of the ancestors of Tenango del Valle had in the construction of the territory that is known today.He said that to complete the documentary he needed to record over six weekends, not counting the time taken for postproduction. In total it took half a year for the team to complete the short film.After being questioned whether this production would be commercialized so more people could see it, he said that he would not receive royalties. “I did the work for the affection that I have to my municipality and in honor of my father.”Gómez Salinas said that the documentary will be shown in various academic spaces at UAEM, in order that students, academics and administrative staff know the cosmology of this town, as well as its construction based on a culture that resided there hundreds of years ago.

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