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UAEM Nominates Father Alejandro Solalinde for the Nobel Peace Prize

Solalinde also presented his recent book “The Kingdom of God.” published by UAEM
By The News · 21 of September 2016 08:33:58
Alejandro Solalinde Guerra (L) with Rector Jorge Olvera García (C), No available, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

Rector Jorge Olvera García announced that the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) has nominated José Alejandro Solalinde Guerra for the Nobel Peace Price. Solalinde is a graduate of the Humanities Department at UAEM. Solalinde was nominated because of his many achievements and his unbreakable spirit to serve the most marginalized members of society.

Solalinde presented his recent book “The Kingdom of God,” which was published by UAEM. Olvera García said that the work, “calls us to work together with respect and dialogue, values that UAEM creates in its community, and with tolerance and respect, to construct a society free of prejudices and segregation.”

The rector also said, “Universities are known for being inclusive and open, tolerant of diversity and plurality.” He said that Solalinde is a model of human rights advocacy and protecting migrants in Mexico.

He said that Solalinde believes the kingdom of God is close to us all, and that it is built through interpersonal relationships. Solalinde said that through “inclusive love,” which means establishing equality in relationships and accepting differences, it is possible to overcome the different moral crises that Mexico and other countries face.

He said the kingdom of God is a subversive concept in the face of exclusionary positions and ideologies. He said the book is aimed at anyone who “has the intention of influencing mindsets, especially of young people, and those who hope for change.”