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The News
  • UAEM Launches Digital Library in Los Angeles to Benefit Mexican Migrants

  • Autonomous University of the State of Mexico inaugurated the library which will offer knowledge bases, available to Mexican migrants in the United States.


14 of March 2016 17:19:26

At the Casa Mexiquense, in Los Angeles, California, the governor of the State of Mexico Eruviel Ávila Villegas, and the rector of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) Jorge Olvera García inaugurated the Digital Library through which the university made knowledge bases, repositories, online courses and open access to publications available to Mexican migrants in the United States.Before the Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles Carlos Sada Solana, Governor Ávila Villegas acknowledged and thanked the solidarity of UAEM for participating in these initiatives in favor of migrants. "I recognize our rector, who leads one of the most important universities in Mexico supporting the work of the State of Mexico governemnt."The Digital Library, said Sada, "is a tool that will allow our Mexican brothers and sisters, and to continue writing its own success story."Through this platform, completely free, UAEM aims to enhance the benefits of the Distance Baccalaureate, an initiative promoted with the support of Governor Ávila Villegas with the aim of benefiting Mexican migrants in the United States who wish to continue preparing and also be free, as already launched in Dallas, Texas.In conjunction with the Training for Life and Work Centers (Cefocavit) and the National Occupational Competencies Council for Standardization and Certification (Conocer), the UAEM taught learning courses and online training in various disciplines such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, gardening, cooking, service industry, electricity and building maintenance.So as the rector Olvera said, as we contribute to increase the professional level of competitiveness and efficiency for all those who have already mastered an emprical trade, but wish to see their knowledge and skills strengthened.In this context, he thanked Gov. Ávila Villegas for involving and inviting the UAEM to endorse his vocation for social service. He announced that the efforts made to be signed soon with the Casa Mexiquense, an agreement for distance learning programs offering undergraduate and even graduate degrees.The governor, he added, "who is distinguished by its special sensitivity and solidarity to assist migrants, has asked us to put the full force of the UAEM to benefit our brothers and sisters and to obtain a baccalaureate degree totally free."In this regard, the governor said, "Today more than ever, Mexicans must be united and show solidarity; for this reason, the State of Mexico opens its doors to all residents in Los Angeles, to make use of the Digital Library, throu which the UAEM Leading House of Studies will offer its Distance Baccalaureate University." 

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