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UAEM Graduate Wins Prize at FEMSA Exhibition

David Hernández Valdés, graduate of the UAEM Arts Department, was crowned the winner of the 3D Format Category at the seventh FEMSA exhibition
By The News · 24 of October 2016 10:50:49
David Hernández Valdés, with his sculpture "Modelled Body vs. Body," an award winning graduate of the UAEM Art Department, No available, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

With his work “Modelled Body vs. Body,” David Hernández Valdés, who graduated from the Arts Department at the University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), won the 3D Format Category at the Seventh Biennial Mexican Economic Promotion (FEMSA) Exhibition, considered the most important art event in Mexico.

In an interview, Hernández Valdés said that the judges panel was composed of the artists Iñaki Bonillas and Pierre-Olivier Arnaud and curators José Roca and Gonzalo Ortega, along with art historian Carmen Cuenca. His sculpture, created from a log of wood, was inspired by sports, as the artists has represented UAEM in boxing for four years.

The sculpture establishes a series of relationships with the body. The sculpture “creates a series of routines with the trunk, which have to do with measurements of the elbows, fists and head.”

The university student was delighted that his work was the winner of this contest, which represents an opportunity for Hernández Valdés to continue working. “The monetary award will allow me to finish projects I have in mind but were postponed due to lack of funding.”

He explained that the name of the piece dealt with his approach to boxing. He said the piece was about traditional sculptural processes, such as modeling, carving and stone sculpture, among others.

This edition of the Biennial FEMSA Exhibition displayed the work of many artists featured in the international arena, with 1,259 artists participating and over 3,000 registered works in competition.