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  • UAEM Film Students Present First Works

  • UAEM hosted the film studies exhibition

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Francisco Rodríguez

08 of June 2016 13:19:44

On Tuesday June 7 “Los Jaguares” university theater hosted an exhibition for the first works from bachelor students of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico’s (UAEM) Film Studies, a part of the Schools of Performing Arts which launched in August 2014.

The presented works were  “Un toque humano” (“A Human Touch”), directed by Sara Hernández and produced by Monse Ortega; “Nuovo Studio 54” (“New Studio 54”), directed by Jorge Luis Rojas and produced by Iván Iturbe; “Belleza foránea” (”Foreign Beauty”) by Omar Subillaga and produced by Mariana Correa, and “Bómboro”, directed by Hugo Sánchez and produced by Angélica Garrido.

Through these works the film studies alumni displayed their acquired knowledge in photography, assistant direction, production, sound, script, soundtrack, production design, direction and executive production.

“Un toque humano” tells the story of Yolanda and Irma, two retired nurses that guide the audience through their experiences, seeking to sensitize society to the loss of humane treatment, which is being lost in our globalized world.

“Nuovo Studio 54” follows former cabaret owner Enrique, caught by the ghosts of his past as he attempts to start his life anew, alongside others that belonged to this iconic nightclub of the city of Toluca.

“Belleza foránea” tells the story of Verónica, a model from a modest town, who never gives up and is crowned in various beauty pageants.

Finally, “Bómboro” is a documentary exploring what it means to fight to keep on living, through the example of Emma, an elderly woman who lives for dancing, by attending the communal danzón and marimba dances of downtown Toluca.

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