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  • UAEM Establishes Relations with Mexican Consulate in San Antonio

  • Velasco Monroy believes that the relationship between the UAEM and Texas universities can create new approaches to migration studies

, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

27 of October 2016 10:06:52

The new relations between the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) and the Mexican consulate in San Antonio will allow the university to serve Mexican migrants living in the United States, said UAEM rector Jorge Olvera García.Olvera García, held a working meeting with Consul Héctor Velasco Monroy in which they met with entrepreneurs, representatives of civil society and educational institutions, as well as the Mexican-American community in San Antonio."Instead of building walls, we must build bridges and networks that help migrants have better living conditions and above all, respect," Olvera García said.Velasco Monroy reiterated the importance that UAEM's presence will have in Texas as one of the best universities of Mexico."We want the consulate of San Antonio to be one of the consulates that drives this program, to the benefit of our migrant brother and sisters who have helped build this nation and who today demand greater opportunities for access to a better quality of life," said Jorge Olvera García. He also proposed the installation of a Digital Library in the region, where migrants, including those from other countries, could have access to all the information created by UAEM. Velasco Monroy believes that the relationship between the UAEM and Texas universities can create new approaches to migration studies, and eventually better relations between the United States and Mexico.Olvera García also held a meeting with the president of the University of Texas (UT) in San Antonio, Ricardo Romo, and director of UT's Mexico Center Harriett Romo in order to promote academic exchanges and research collaboration.

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